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Terrific Ear Powder (TEP)

TEP is an Iodoform based powder that kills anaerobic bacteria and fungi which flourish in warm, moist, airless places. The Zinc Oxide and Boric Acid keep the ears dry.

Wax/Smelly Ears
Apply a pinch of powder to each ear allowing the powder to go down into the ear canal. Gently hold up and shake the ear flap massaging the powder into the ear canal from behind the ears.

Problem Ears
Apply TEP once a day for 1-2 weeks. Each day use a dry Q-tip to remove any visible powder and gunk, and then add the fresh pinch of powder. After each week of treatment, clean out the old TEP with an ear wash of your choice (see below*).  Relief comes after the first dose, but the treatment should continue.

*Ear Washing
Outside, fill the ear canals with ear wash and massage from behind the ears for 30 seconds. Stand Back and let your pet shake out the ear wash. Remove any visible debris with cotton balls (see below**) and use a Q-tip for all crevasses. Dry the excessive wetness with a towel and let the ears dry before reapplying TEP.

**Cotton Balls**
Fill a small jar halfway with a 50/50 mixture of Witch Hazel and Alcohol, then fill the jar with cotton balls.

​*​*​*Monthly Maintenance​*​*​*

A pinch of TEP to each ear once a month will keep the ears clear, especially during warm weather, and on animals with  ‘flop down’ ears.  Remember to clean out old TEP and let dry before reapplying. Some animals require ear maintenance weekly. 

Ear Mites
Ear mites may also be present in earwax.  Dogs with this problem often shake their heads and scratch their ears.  Ear mites are very contagious and will require treatment for over 3 weeks. TEP kills the adult mites only, so repeat applications are needed. Based on the life cycle of mites, treatment usually consists of applying TEP once a day for 7 days.  Wait 7 days for baby mites to mature, and treat again for an additional 7 days. 

If the animal pulls its bottom on the floor and it is not anal gland trouble, the mites could be under the tail. Apply a tiny amount of antiseptic healing cream to finger or glove and dip into powder and apply just below the tail.  

Paws Mites can get between the claws, making the animal lick them constantly, turning the pads to jelly, and then they tear out the fur and nibble a hole in themselves.  Hold paw in plastic bag containing a small amount of TEP, work between claws, into the pads and a little way up the leg.

Stripping Ears
Simply apply the powder and the hair will come out easily between your fingers.

For all procedures only a small amount of TEP is needed
Do not pack ears with TEP
Care should be taken as lodoform could stain carpet or furnishings  
Contents: Zinc Oxide, Boric Acid, Talc & Iodoform

Poison: harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Avoid contact with eyes, use adequate ventilation and wash thoroughly after handling.